Condition Based Maintenance
Master the language of your machinery
sineOnly Vibration Diagnostics

The most effective tool for condition based maintenance

Rotating machinery such as motors, generators, pumps and compressors are vibrating during operation, these vibrations contains important information about the machines condition. With vibration diagnostics can predict early machinefaults.

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We offer on-site balancing of machines and components

Machines exposed to unbalance will suffer from excessive loads on important components susch as bearings and sealings. By performing balancing on your equipment, you ensure that machinery is operating at good and safe conditions.

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We offer the best products for vibration diagnostics

With a hand held vibration meter you can perform offline vibration analysis on site. We offer products from ADASH, both for offline purposes such as handheld devices, but also equipment for online condition monitoring.

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Who we also work with


Managing Director and BTecMan & MarEng Kasper Barrett is the owner of TME Solutions ApS (Established in 2017), which is the distributor of vibration diagnostics tools. TME Solutions ApS is selling hand held vibration analysers, online condition monitoring systems and vibration analalysis software from ADASH and accelerometers and cables from Hansford Sensors.

Kasper Barrett is educated as stainless blacksmith and started his career at Marel, which is the leading company producting process equipment for the food processing industry. With base in Singapore Kasper Barrett traveled to Marel customers all over the world providing service and Commissioning.

Here-after Kasper Barrett started his education as BTecMan & MarEng at AAMS. After finishing his education he started specializing in Condition Based Mainenance and vibration diagnostics. Today he is cerified ISO 184336-2 CAT I and II vibration specialist.