Vibration diagnostics is an important factor when dealing with preventive/predictive maintenance.



Our vibration analysists are certified according to ISO 18436-2 from Mobius Institute. This is to ensure that our customers recieves service of highest quiality.

Vibration Diagnostics in all industries

We perform vibration measurements and diagnostics in various industries such as: Marine Industry, Offshore and Onshore installations. We are not limited by certain industries, if it vibrates, call us !

Our vibration diagnostics are performed independent from sub-contractors and other parties.

Ongoing Condition Monitoring

Vibration measurements and condition reports performed at intervals

We perform vibration measurements at intervals, while the machine is running

  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Gearbox
  • Bearings

If one of the components starts to fail, the vibration characteristics will change. We trend and benchmarlk the measurements each time to predict possible failures before they occure.

Acceptance Test

Acceptance test according to ISO standards

We perform vibration measurements when performing acceptance test. The vibration measurements are performed with our equipment, which is calibrated according to ISO standards and performed in according to acknowledged standards.

It is an advantage to use us as a contractor when performing acceptance test because: Your customers know that is is an independent 3. parties certified vibration analyst who has performed the test.



  • Vibration measurements will give an instant indication of the machinery condition
  • If it is not broke, dont fix it
  • Minimize downtime

Fault detection

  • Detection of Unbalance and Misalignment
  • Bearing failure
  • loose bolts and machinery parts
  • Gear meash damage
  • Resonans problems