Below you will find a selection of cases, which we have perfomed for some of our customers.



Acceptance test and ISO classing generatorset according to ISO 10816-6

Nordhavn A/S are distributor of motor/generatorset for the marine industry. We at TME Solutions ApS are Nordhavn A/S vendor for vibration classing these generator set. At their facilities in Randers we perform the tests at various loads, while Nordhavn A/S performed testing of the functions and safety features of the generatorset.

Koenig & Bauer A/S

Trouble-shooting on Main Drive Electric Motor 

On the Main Drive Electric Motor on a Koenig & Bauer A/S printing machine installation excessive noice had been observed by the operator. TME Solutions ApS was called on-site in order to determine why the motor was making noice. Before driving to the customer site, we requested a datasheet on the motor from Koenig & Bauer A/S in order to see, how the motor was build and where the bearings was located, and which type it was.

After recieving the information, the bearing frequencies and the ISO vibration level was put in the vibration instruments. Measurement showed that the bearings had severe outer ring faults and we recomended the motor to be overhauled ASAP.

AAMS – Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering

Teaching and performing practical vibration diagnostics

At regular intervals we visit AAMS where we teach the students in vibration diagnostics. Out visits at the school gives great payoff for both students but as weel for us as a teacher. We always meet great energy and engagement from the students. The students tries the instruments and perform practical measurements on some of the equipment in the lab.