On this page you can see the different product range which we are offering.


Portable Vibration Devices

With portable devices you can carrie out vibration measurements on-site. The productrange with portable devices are delivered in heavy hard cases.

All portable devises comes with a free version of the DDS (Digital Diagnostics System) software for vibrations analyzing.

All vibration devices can be purchased depending on budget and various demands.

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Condition Monitoring Systems

A Condition ;Monitoring System is logging important measurement data concerning your machinery, which i saved on a cloud database or local work-station. Our Condition Monitoring System can collect data such as, vibration, temparature, preassure, noise etc. We will identify early component failure before breakdown.

Let us help you increase your machinery up-time through industry 4.0 Predictive Maintenance.

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The DDS (Digital Diagnostics System) software represents a powerful tool for storage and evaluation of vibration measurements and technical diagnostics data.

The software can create alarms, reports and has a bearing frequency database with more than 30.000 bearings!

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Accelerometers, Magnets and other accessories

We offer various products and accessories for vibrations measurements, such as:

  • laser speed probes and magnetic stands for speed probes
  • velocity sensors
  • Ultrasound microphone, ICP microphones
  • force hammers (impact hammers)
  • current clamp meter for motor current signature analysis (MCSA)
  • different types of magnetic bases for sensors such as flat or for curved surfaces
  • measurement pads (magnet targets) with flat surface, with a thread for permanent sensor installation and masurement pads for installation into motor ribs
  • junction boxes, coiled cables, straight cables with any lenght on demand
  • connectors and connector adapters on demand